Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio "Head of the Gorgon Medusa"

Description of the painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

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Gorgon Medusa was the daughter of the sea elder Fork and the nymph Keko, the only mortal of the three Gorgon sisters. Her hair was like snakes, and her gaze could turn a person to stone if he did not have time to turn away. King Perseid ordered her to bring Perseus to her, keeping the hero in service.

Following the advice of the gods, he obtained winged sandals, a magic bag and an invisible hat, and also stocked up a mirror shield. Faced in a duel with Medusa, he did not look into her face, only at reflection, and therefore managed not to die. He put the severed head in a bag, hid from the sisters of Medusa, covering himself with an invisible hat, and when Polydect tried to trick him with a reward, he almost pulled his head out of the bag, which immediately removed all questions.

“Gorgon Medusa” by Caravaggio is painted on canvas stretched over a shield - one noble person wanted to make an unusual gift to a friend. The jellyfish is depicted at the moment when, in reflection of Perseus’s shield, her head flew to the ground, and, unlike earlier interpretations, she was represented by an ordinary woman, not a monster.

Snakes of hair wriggle and beat, blood is pouring from the neck, the face is distorted by a mask of horror, screaming, bewilderment, but if you imagine it as it would be without these emotions, you can understand that Gorgon was beautiful.

She has the right facial features, an attractive cut in her eyes, and if it were not for the mortal horror that spoils her, there would be nothing repulsive about her.

There is a very cautious, non-obvious thought in this - the monster does not make a monster not the snakes on his head or hair, not what his face is, but what emotions can be read on this face. Medusa killed people - therefore she is guilty of death, therefore she is a monster and should not live. Without this, without rage and fear, she would have been no worse than an ordinary human girl.

The head of Medusa is made by Caravaggio with realistic graphics.

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