Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha “My Irina”

Description of the painting by Yuri Raksha “My Irina”

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The picture of Yuri Raksha “My Irina” was painted in 1969. The idea of ​​the spiritual and physical beauty of a person is fully embodied in it.

The canvas depicts the artist’s wife - Irina. A prose writer, a member of the Writers' Union, Irina Raksha became famous for many of her works. But besides this, she constantly supported her husband, illuminating not only his life, but also his paintings. He devoted several of his paintings to her.

Yuri and Irina Raksha lived together for a long 20 years, and then she lived alone for another 20 years. It seems that not only Irina illuminated the work of Yuri Raksha, but the painter inspired her to create many talented works. The artist rightly said that it was Irina who was always for him an unusually bright dream and a real muse. And these are not big words, but reality. The viewer constantly feels this in his paintings. they are as if permeated with light.

With his picture, Raksha seems to tell the audience that his wife is the best. Before us is a real ancient Greek goddess. It is as if not Irina, but Aphrodite. All facial features are just perfect. The turned profile has no flaws. The neck is unusually beautiful, as if from marble. Ivory skin is unusually smooth and delicate.

The viewer feels that Yuri Raksha portrayed his muse, which inspired him not only in creativity, but also in life. The main thing in the picture is the portrait of Irina. The background is practically not registered. Only a little guesses the road that goes into the distance and the sky.

In all of his creations, Raksha tried to find the spiritual appearance of his heroes. In this picture, he managed not only to convey the most accurate external features, but also spiritual beauty. Perhaps Irina in the portrait is too perfect, and in life was not quite like that. The main thing is that she is just like that for the artist - the most beautiful in the world, ideal and divine.

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