Description of the painting by Peter Brueghel "The Tower of Babel"

Description of the painting by Peter Brueghel

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Brueghel P. The painting was painted in 1563, it is stored in Vienna, in the Museum of Art History.

Researchers managed to find out that the canonical text of the Bible combined in one story 2 legends about Ancient Babylon: the legend about the construction of the city and the mixing of different languages, and the legend about the construction of a tower and the dispersal of people. These traditions belonged to the beginning of the whole history of mankind. According to the Bible, the root cause of the linguistic and territorial fragmentation of people is hidden in the intervention of God.

People were engaged in the manufacture of bricks, burned them and said: “We will build for ourselves a city with a tower as high as the sky.” But God decided to pacify their pride and mixed all languages, and they ceased to understand each other, he carried them to different parts of the world, and therefore the tower could not be completed.

Nimrod is the legendary conqueror of Babylon in the 2nd century BC, a tower was built under his leadership. It can be depicted as a road spiraling upward, or as a sequence of tiers - each of which is already the previous one. Nimrod is sometimes portrayed as a leader by workers who carry bricks. The artist expresses the idea of ​​many languages ​​depicting representatives of different races.

The confusion of languages, or Babylon (in Heb. Confusion), was supposed to reflect the impression made on the tribes living in the desert, cities such as Babylon and its mixture of nations and customs.

It was quite fashionable to portray the Tower of Babel in northern medieval art.

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